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At “123.hp.com/setup”, you will get unmatched HP Printer Support that is reliable, accessible and effective. Our team of professionally trained experts guarantees efficient solutions that will surely enhance your overall experience. But, the very first step involves selecting your specific HP Printer Model.

HP Officejet Pro Printers

When it comes to complete Printing Solutions that serves as the backbone of your professional space, HP’s latest series of Officejet Pro Printers are second to none. These cutting-edge machines need technical support that is equally efficient.


HP Laserjet Pro Printers

When your work demands more, you need a Printer that is versatile yet powerful. HP Laserjet Pro Printers gives you the ultimate combination of Uncompromising Quality, Laser-sharp Features and Thoughtful Design. But, ensure that it gets all the care that it needs.

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HP Deskjet Printers

Despite all the innovations that happen in the field of Printers, HP Deskjet Printers have proved themselves as a time-tested solution. Whether you have an Inkjet or Laserjet version, you will need expert assistance that can handle both with care.

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HP Deskjet Printers

Despite all the innovations that happen in the field of Printers, HP Deskjet Printers have proved themselves as a time-tested solution. Whether you have an Inkjet or Laserjet version, you will need expert assistance that can handle both with care.


HP Envy Printers

Productivity and Versatility are not just qualities, but essential benchmarks for HP Envy Printers. Its capabilities, features, ease of operation and sleek design is sure to surpass all of your expectations. With so much to offer, you need tech support that can keep up with its capabilities.


HP Officejet Printers

When you have exceptionally powerful and future-ready printers like HP Officejet Printers. Then, you cannot rely on any other tech support except “123hpcomsetuphp.com”. Our experienced experts will ensure that technical failures don’t hinder this world-class experience.

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HP Laserjet Printers

HP Laserjet Printers are fast, economical and least demanding yet powerful and flexible. These are Printers to accompany you in the long run with its feature-packed and efficient design. But, they need proper treatment. For this, trust only the best tech support.

Procedure To Get Started With “123.hp.com/setup”

HP Printer Setup at 123.hp.com/setup

Setup HP Printer Drivers At “123.hp.com/setup”

As stated above, installing HP Printer Drivers on your Computing Device is the most crucial part of the “123.hp.com/setup” process. In fact, even a minor fault in this part will lead to issues in your Printer’s performance. As such, follow the given instructions for Installing Drivers for hassle-free “123.hp.com/setup”.

* Download HP Printer Drivers

  1. Begin the downloading process by opening a Web Browser that you normally use. For example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  2. After that, you must go to its official website. For this, use “123.hp.com/setup” as the URL to get the Download Link for HP Printer’s Generic Driver. 
  3. However, it is recommended to get the dedicated Printer Drivers that have been designed specifically for your Printer Model. For this, you must go to “123.hp.com”. 
  4. This webpage of “123.hp.com/setup” requires the Model Number of your HP Printer. As such, provide the same correctly in the given “Search Bar” and click the “Search” button. However, if you are not sure of the Model Number. Then, “Where’s the model number?” link will guide you in locating the same. 
  5. As a result, you will get the respective Download Link for your Printer Model. 
  6. Hence, click on the highlighted “Download” button on this window. 
  7. Now, this will begin the downloading process that will take time to complete. Therefore, wait while ensuring there is no interruption in the Internet Connection.


While, HP Printers are an essential piece of technology that enhances the capacity of our cutting-edge Computing Devices. Yet, they may turn out to be frustrating gadgets. In this situation, you can only rely on a professional experts who understands this innovative machine better than anyone else. Moreover, there are plenty of other reasons to reach out to us when your Printer demands expert care.


  • Professionally Trained and Experienced Experts.
  • Exceptional Service that is available 24*7*365.
  • Technically Proficient Experts Focussed on Providing Effective and Timely Resolutions.
  • Comprehensive Tech Support equipped with the Expertise, Experience and Resource to handle even the most complicated issues.
  • And A Lot More.  

Simple Process For Instant Solutions


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If you use a Windows based Device to execute your Printer’s function; contact “123hpcomsetuphp.com” for proper Setup, Configuration, Installation and Usage.



HP Printers are compatible with Mac Devices which makes it necessary to ensure that the Printer is correctly installed. Hence, call us in case of any issue with the same



Most of the HP Printers come with built-in capabilities to take command from your Mobile Devices. In case of issues in its Setup, Functions etc., contact us immediately.

HP Printer Setup at 123.hp.com/setup

HP Printer Setup can be tricky at times. Therefore, “123hpcomsetuphp.com” offers reliable and hassle-free assistance with all the possible Set Up procedures. 

HP ePrint Setup

With the innovative HP ePrint facility, you can use any of your mobile computing devices for accessing your HP Printers. This gives you the liberty to use your Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets etc. using Cloud resources.

HP AirPrint Setup

Most of the latest HP Printers come with the built-in benefit of Apple’s AirPrint. This does away the need to install HP Drivers on your Apple Computing Devices including Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch etc.

HP Cloud Print Setup

Your state-of-the-art HP Printers are ready to fit in your modern, tech-savvy lifestyle. With HP Cloud Print Setup, your Printers gives you all the advantages of innovative Cloud Printing technology served by Google.

HP Printer Windows 10 Setup

A Printer is of no good if it cannot conform to the innovations in terms of latest Computing Devices and software. Hence, we ensure that you get ultimate Printing experience with our world-class HP Printer Windows 10 Setup Support.

Install HP Printer Drivers via 123.hp.com/setup

Once you have downloaded the correct set of HP Printer Drivers, proceed for Installing the same properly. For this, locate the downloaded Driver File on your system. You will find it at your system’s default Download Location i.e. “Downloads” Folder. In the case of Windows devices, you should get it from the Start Menu of Windows. But, if you have a Mac system. Then, locate it from the “Finder’s Menu”. Alternatively, you may check at your preferred Location if specified while downloading the software. 

Thereafter, double-click on it and follow instructions as per your OS for completing “123.hp.com/setup”.  

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